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Aircraft rental, pleasure flights and Training in the Swiss Alps

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SkyHigh Aviation provides the following general aviation services from Sion (LSGS), Switzerland. 

Initiation / Pleasure Flights

Start here and experience the freedom of flying with one of our pilots

Pilot Training / Instruction

Learn to fly and open up a whole new aspect of travel and adventure

Aircraft Rental Packages

Buy airtime in one of our aircraft for hour building or simply the joy of flying



Enjoy the freedom of the skies, without the complexities and costly aspects of aircraft ownership


About Us

SkyHigh Aviation, nestled in the heart of Sion, Valais, Switzerland, is an enterprise that fuels the dreams of aviation enthusiasts with its range of services centered around small general aviation aircraft. We cater to pilots who harbor a passion for modern and innovative flying, providing rental services for our technologically advanced and well-maintained fleet. We are more than a rental company; we are a community for pilots who share a love for the sky and the adventure it offers.

In addition to aircraft renting, SkyHigh Aviation offers initiation and aircraft orientation flights over the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps, providing an unforgettable experience that combines learning with majestic views. Our commitment to nurturing skilled pilots is demonstrated through our comprehensive training programs.

Furthermore, we have leveraged technology to make the joy of flying accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime. With our online reservation system, Resair, pilots can easily book flights for pleasure use. At SkyHigh Aviation, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and enriching flying experience, helping pilots soar high in the skies with confidence, freedom and joy.


Contact Us

Our mission is to make flying accessible to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting out, we have the aircraft and services to meet your needs.


Contact us today to learn more about our initiation, training programs or rental options. 

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our passion for aviation.

Thanks for contacting us!

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